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New Launch

Posted: October 21, 2014 in uncorked

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Vincent accomplished his goal to start a spiritual/creative writing blog. His plan is to post every 3 weeks or so. Take a minute to read his first post by clicking on the logo above and follow to get notifications of his future posts. It is good food for the mind, spirit and soul.

Psalm 45:1 My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the king; my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer.


Vincent has been  journaling his quiet times with God and we wanted to share this with you. We hope it is an encouragement to you. More of them to come… is the first. As I post this, my dear husband is out sharing God’s love and His word at a house of prayer tonight. Praise God for the answered prayer of being able to evangelize in Spanish.

Title: Obedience likened unto a mountain path…

Have you ever seen a mountain and said to yourself, “I bet the view from up there is absolutely magnificent and breathtaking…”? I have… and I have been called to climb that mountain. The truth is, we all have been called to something bigger than ourselves, if not, whats the point of living from day to day? Should we not have a relationship, with a God who is bigger than us that calls us to these things that are bigger than ourselves? By relationship I mean a communion between us and Him in the form of listening, sharing, asking, learning, revealing, and receiving a deeper understanding about Him and ourselves. Because how can we make this climb if we aren’t getting to know the one who has asked this of us?

Let’s view the path with the light (Ps 119:105) from what Jesus said in Mat 6. Despite the overall goal of reaching the top to see the view God has for you, we have certain things we need to do on a regular basis: “…when you give to the needy…(v:2), and when you pray…(v:5&6), when they sin against you…(v:14),when you fast…(v:16)” The “when’s” show the things that are expected as children of God. We need to figure out how often to do them and how we will respond to the sins against us. You might say there’s no mentioning of “when” you read God’s Word, but remember what was happening- these people were listening to Jesus, God’s Word in the flesh (Jn 1:1&14). They were already “reading” the only Bible they had because the average person didn’t own a set of scrolls…

Jesus said to pray, “…give us today our daily bread…(v:11)” If He said, “…today our daily…” He implies we are praying everyday. And when He said, “…bread…” please don’t assume this to mean actual food or think this is the reason we say grace before eating… its Jesus Christ Himself (Jn 6:33-35).You will receive exactly what you need for each and everyday if you do this. So “seek first His kingdom and His righteousness…don’t worry about tomorrow…each day will have enough trouble of its own. (v:33-34)”

In doing what is expected of us, these “when’s,” is how we place one foot in front of the other during our ascent to reach the view God has for us. We will see less and less of ourselves and more of Him and what His will is for us because we are no longer conforming to the pattern of those around us (Rom 12:2)As we are faithful to these tasks before us we will reach the summit and be able to see what God has wanted for us all this time.

I guess there are two questions to ask…. what is my mountain? and do I want to see the view? If you know the answers already and you have begun your ascent, then determine how badly you want to see the view… this will have a direct affect on your efforts and results.

Blessed climbing!