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Christmas vacation fun!

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Here is a compilation of pictures over the three weeks of vacation this kids had from school.

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We received the Antofagasta Church Plant Team of 15 on Oct 7. For 27 days I had a group of 23 to feed (growing to 26 while we had other leaders here for a few days). I was thankful for the extra help of Chase Howard and Majalisa Nelson. The team departed on Nov 2, with two stragglers on the 3rd. Majalisa and I attended the Women’s Conference at the Cali church Nov 4 – 6.

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As I promised, here is a tour of the new ECC (Extreme Center Cali). I also included a few pictures of our middle of the night departure for our trip to the US. It had been 2 years since we have been home to visit family.

Please be in pray for the following requests:

  • Safe travels
  • Great connection with Ferley with his extended family and friends.
  • Ferley to be motivated to learn and speak more English.
  • Ferley’s citizenship process – it is not cut and dry due to us residing in Colombia. It was supposed to be automatic.
  • Quick and uneventful re-roofing project and other misc tasks on our Missoula, MT home.
  • Transition as we get back to Colombia (school starts a week after we return).
  • Preparations for our next team in Sept for the Master’s Plan Convention and the Antofagasta, Chile Church Plant training in Oct.

Next blog will be a grand photo gallery of our time in the US, our reunions and adventures.


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Changes in the Cork Household

We added our new family member, Ferley James Cork, on Dec 22, 2014. Almost 2 months later, on Feb 23, I (Alyson) traveled to Bogota with Ferley to sign the papers at the court to make it official. They stayed several days more doing all the follow up with the name change and requirements to obtain his US Immigrant Visa. We have been learning how to live together with the addition of a 12 year old. It has been a blessing but it has also come with its challenges. We learn new things daily and glean knowledge, understanding and wisdom during this transition through our daily quiet times. God has been amazing (as always) in paving the way for the things we needed. We had intentions of home schooling but when that didn’t work out, we discovered God had moved us to the home we are currently in to discover the school perfect for Ferley in our new path taking Wellington to his school. It is a Christian school that offers personalized education. He is thriving there and we are so thankful for the new relationships we have built with the director. I have been donating a hour here and there helping to teach English classes. It has been nice to do something out of my typical work. Vincent has been occupied in negotiations for a new place (yes, another move) that would work well for the hosting and training we do. We have been busy preparing for 3 crazy months that are coming up that consist of:

  • Hosting a couple seeking a little rest and relaxation after finishing their church plant in Ambato, Ecuador.
  • Receiving a short term team to help us move and set up for Extreme Center Cali (ECC) for future trainings (includes Vincent’s dad)
  • Cordoba, Argentina Church Plant Team and others arriving the end of April for 1 month (my mom is coming to help) – we will have up to 28 people throughout this training living in the new ECC
  • Hosting a Vision Tour for the Extreme Board in June
  • Hosting the first week of the 40 Days Experience in June
  • Ahhh, then we will travel (vacation sort of) to the US to visit family, friends and start the process of Ferley’s US citizenship

Please pray for all of these items coming up on our calendars and for God to work through the negotiations on the house. For some reason we cannot move to a new house less than 5 days from receiving visitors. We are asking God if there is something more we have to learn in this process. This will be the 3rd time it has happened to us. We are celebrating 4 years in Cali on April 1.

Here is a slideshow of the last 3 1/2 months as it includes photos I was not able to share before Ferley was officially ours. Enjoy if you are a photo lover like me.

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I want to start my catch up with an amazing story of a miracle we witnessed first hand. We were invited to celebrate the Christmas festivities with our good friends. We were at their house visiting on Dec 23 talking about our plans. They received an email while we were there with results of tests their 4 yr old daughter underwent after a trip to the ER a week prior for respiratory issues. My girlfriend began to explain what the results said and she ran into the laundry room and broke into tears, not wanting her kids and her mother-in-law who just arrived to see. She had explained to me that in a chest x-ray they had found a mass pressing on an artery near her lung. Instantly my friend was thinking of the worst case scenario of cancer or tuberculosis. I hugged her and prayed with her a simple short prayer asking for God to heal her daughter and that the follow-up tests would come out clear. They made several calls that evening to other medical friends and contacts of friends to help interpret the results letter. They found a pediatric specialist to see the following day. They met with him in the morning and showed him the results that we had printed out for him. They said his face went from normal to looking very serious as he read the results letter. He immediately asked them to start making a list of those their daughter had been in contact with in the last 3 weeks and sent them to another clinic for tests. These tests showed a completely healthy little girl. They were home by lunchtime. What this family endured for 24 hours, some have had to endure for days, weeks, months and even years. A Christian friend of the little girls dad said you have 2 choices, her medical results were in error or this was a miracle. They are choosing to believe this is a miracle that happened in the life of their daughter. One wonderful thing that we heard from them is that we keep drawing them close to God during trials and challenges in their life. Continue to pray for this family as they have not yet accepted Jesus Christ as their savior.

Other happenings and highlights over the last two months shown in the slideshow below:

  • We moved to a new house closer to the church on Nov 15.
  • The Ibarra, Ecuador Church Plant Team was with us for training from Nov 21 – Dec 19 (17 people).
  • We took a few days off and went to Armenia, Colombia with some friends from Dec 28 – Jan 2 to rest and recharge.
  • We traveled to Quito, Ecuador Jan 8 – 20 to visit the church plant in Ambato and attend the Summit (annual meeting of the Extreme leadership).
  • Since returning, we are re-moving into our home in a more organized fashion, getting back into routine and gearing up for another team in March or April.

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Hang in there…

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Hang in there with us… I know it has been 2 months since our last post. So much has happened. We are in recuperation from the Ibarrr, Ecuador Church Planting team’s time with us (30 days). ‘They departed in the afternoon of the 19th and this is what things look like 3 days after their departure. I will blog the details of the last two months soon. Love to all and a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

The boys getting some much needed rest this afternoon.

The boys getting some much needed rest this afternoon.

I am trying to dig my way out of the finances for the last project and get a handle all I need to catch up on.

I am trying to dig my way out of the finances for the last project and get a handle all I need to catch up on.

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We were delighted with the invitation from Brian Tibbs to come and serve with our Extreme family for the Love Extreme 2013 mega event. It has been wonderful to be back in Peru seeing old friends such as our host family and our Spanish teachers. Sometimes it can feel like we are on an island in Cali with Vincent, I and Sandra (our Master’s Plan Training Coordinator) being the only ones with Extreme in Cali, Colombia.

It was very cold upon our arrival in Arequipa and it took several weeks to get somewhat used to it. Vincent was sent off to Puno to set up a mobile church just days after our arrival. I got Wellington all set up to attend the same jardin (pre-school) that he attended for a month at the tail end of our time in Arequipa in the beginning of 2011 after our language studies. He attended the jardin for a month while Vincent and I worked out of the office. The “Love Extreme 2013” short-term volunteers began to arrive and we were given the job of hosts for the construction portion of the project. We worked with 2 teams and built one foam chapel before the event. We had 1143 people attend the mega event on July 20 with Colombia comedian Jose Ordonez. He had a wonderful show with jokes about marriage and tying it all together at the end with a challenge for all those who were there. About 150 people came forward and 105 filled out cards wanting to receive Jesus Christ as their savior. After the mega event we worked for three days at Tio Chico to construct the second church and then we traveled with them to Puno, Peru to install one of the mobile churches in the nearby town of Juliaca, a very dark city in great need of Jesus. Since the first day of construction with our last group we have been attacked with at least one person being pulled off the construction site each day due to illness. Each day we pray over the one who had fallen ill and they are ready to go the next day, maybe not feeling 100% physically but they are ready in their hearts and minds to continue to press on with the work that the Lord has laid before us. The inauguration of the church in Juliaca was Sunday, July 28.

We had to depart early from our team to get back to Arequipa, Peru to catch our flight to Bogota, Colombia. We will be there a day and a half to go through our visa renewal process. Please pray that all goes flawlessly. We then fly back to Cali, Colombia for about 5 days to unpack, wash, repack and head to the US for 5 weeks. Below is our tentative itinerary. If you are near any of our speaking engagements we would love to see you. We have just renewed our contract with Extreme to continue in our current roles for another 2 years. We are excited for what these next two years hold for us as a family and for Extreme as a ministry. We are blessed to be called to serve with Extreme Nazarene Ministries.

Aug 7-9 in Lake Stevens, WA
Aug 9 – 10 in Kennewick, WA
Aug 11 speaking at Ontario First Church of the Nazarene in Ontario, OR
Aug 11 – 13 in Meridian, ID
Aug 13 in Twin Falls, ID
Aug 13-14 in Green River, WY
Aug 14 speaking at Sonrise Church of the Nazarene 7pm in Cheyenne, WY
Aug 15-16 in Lincoln, NE
Aug 16-17 in Sioux City, IA
Aug 18 speaking at Sioux Falls Reach Church of the Nazarene in Sioux Falls, SD
Aug 18 in Kathryn, ND
Aug 19-23 in Bismarck, ND
Aug 21 speaking at Mandan Church of the Nazarene at 7pm in Mandan, ND
Aug 22 speaking at Living Hope Church of the Nazarene at 7:30pm in Bismarck, ND
Aug 24-30 in Minot, ND
Aug 31 in Billings, MT
Sept 1-4 in Missoula, MT
Sept 2 speaking at Missoula First Church of the Nazarene at 10:30am
Sept 5-10 in Lake Stevens, WA
Sept 10 departure for Cali, Colombia

Our little ambassador

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I wanted to share a story about our little ambassador, Wellington. When we talk about him being our ambassador in our ministry work I am sure there are thoughts of him being friendly, generous, showing God’s love but I was amazed to see God use him the other day when he wasn’t having such a great moment. Vincent and I had picked up Wellington from school and had to run a few errands in the opposite direction of our home. One the walk back to our house we were getting close to passing by his school (jardin) which is right by the park. He continually asked me to go to the park. I replied, “maybe we will go this afternoon but right now we have to go home and eat lunch”. As he does, he continued to repeat, “mommy, parque, mommy, parque…”. I did my love and logic ,’I love you too much to argue”. He had a fit, let go of my hand and laid down on the sidewalk with his back to us. We continued to walk for a bit but he was not budging. I went and hid behind a tree and Vincent stuck close. As we were waiting for Wellington to come to his senses and find his parents a man walked by with his daughter in his arms. He looked at Wellington, then us and back and forth. He finally said, “Is that your kid?”. Vincent responded yes and said he was having an attitude. We shared a few more words and I commented that he had really good English. “I better I’m an American,” he replied.  I stuck my foot in my mouth. He looked Colombian with darker skin, brown hair and brown eyes. He was raised in Las Vegas and has been in Cali for the last 7 years teaching English. We got into more conversation and he is looking for native speakers and was hoping we were looking for work. We told him of some contacts we have here and exchanged numbers. Vincent took this opportunity to invite him to our English speaking bible study. He sincerely was interested and he and Vincent exchanged numbers. We have already referred one friend to him. We are hoping this is an answer to our prayers for our cell group to grow. This also shows me that he can use us in many ways, ways we can’t even comprehend. How is my son throwing a fit and laying in the middle of the side walk going to help grow his kingdom. God says, “watch”. I thank God for all the wonderful and all the trying times of parenting. In and through both situations He can use us. I wish I would have taken a picture with my phone to share with you but all you parents have probably seen this scene with your own children.

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The project Extreme Colombia will no longer exist as of Sept 1, 2012. All the current projects in Colombia, Peru and Paraguay are being merged under one mission called Extreme South America (XSA) with the slogan, “I am a disciple”. This is a big shift for what we thought our ministry work was here in Cali, Colombia but we are excited for the future. Cali, Colombia will become a service city for this new mission. We will be hosts and assist in teaching the Education Center for all future Extreme Nazarene Ministries LTSSs (Long Term Supported Staff). All of the concentration and efforts of our work will support the new mission, “To send and support 40/40 church planters.” The CEMSA (Center for Extreme Mobilization for S.A.) will begin relocation from Arequipa, Peru to Quito, Ecuador starting in Sept of this year. We will be in charge of the education of the Master’s Plan as this is the framework for the future 40/40 work in the larger urban areas. We will host the LTSSs as they join Extreme. For the 40/40 teams, we will host them, their Cluster family and the their local Pastor with his/her family all at once for 20 days while they learn in-depth the Master’s Plan through classes and real hands on experiences in a church that exploded using this vision of discipleship.

Some of you may be asking what will happen with the goal of 300 Americans passing through our doors. This is happening with the new direction of our ministry, just not in the way we had imagined it. This just proves God’s ways are higher than ours and He has plans we cannot even image (Isa 55:8, Eph 3:20). He has shown and proved to us that He is faithful and He continues to challenge us in our journey to carry out His will in our mission field.

As for the construction of the coliseum, this will not be a focus of our project going forward as we have been waiting over a year for the construction to begin and there is no projection as to when the construction may start. We will continue to host Torch Bearer Teams and Leadership Boot Camps by request, but they will not be promoted. We also host people in our home during events such as the International Master’s Plan Conference and the International Youth Conference annually.

We know “…we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do,” (Eph 2:10) but all of us must also realize God is a God of specifics. In these good works He has a specific purpose for each of us, He wants to create us “…exactly like the pattern I will show you.” (Ex 25:9) We had no idea in the beginning that He would be taking a year and a half in the preparation of the work He has for us here in Cali.

We sincerely want to thank you from the depths of our hearts and souls for our supporters, allowing yourselves to be the hands and feet of Jesus as well as an answer to our prayers. We need an additional $785 in monthly support to be fully funded in this ministry.

  • Online (Cash or Recurring donation options): click “donate” or call 800-326-9235
  • Mailed donations: Write CORK ACCOUNT in the check memo and mail to: Extreme Nazarene Ministries, 4800 W. Fairview Ave, Boise, ID 83706
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Blessings and prayers,

Vincent, Alyson and Wellington Cork

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The Cork Family

Vincent made me this wonderful video for Mother’s Day. The footage is from when we were in Quito, Ecuador last August waiting for our work visas for Colombia. He was just turning 2. Wow, has he grown since then. I am so blessed to have these two in my life and to have such a talented husband.