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We arrived back to Cali, Colombia on Sept 11 after our whirlwind travels lasting 3 months  and we had a week to prepare for a 2 week (Sept 18 – Oct 1) short term team of 8 from the Prairie Lakes District.  It was a blessed time to be with pastors from our grass roots. They were renewed and revived during their time here in Cali and they are staying in tight contact supporting one another in their prayers. A week and a half after their departure we received another team on a Vision Tour consisting of 5 people who were with us from Oct 11 – 15. They were here to get an inside look at the work and vision of Extreme. With these two projects completed we are at 95 of our 300 goal.  Here are a few comments from their time here.


Prairie Lake District Team

” I came here like ‘butter spread over too much bread.’ I am leaving having seen God, heard God and been renewed by God. Ready to have a deeper walk, a deeper prayer life and a deeper love for others. Love, deeply love, enough to share my Christ more fervently.” Pastor Dave Foshee (Prairie Lakes District Team)


Vision Tour

“Participating in the vision tour has shown me that God works mightily through the obedience of extreme discipleship. WOW! Cali was nothing that I expected. Instead of a drug and violence ravaged city without God, I saw the mighty hand of God redeeming a people because of the fervent persistence and obedience of a few Christians. What an example for us!”   Kristine Himelick (Vision Tour)

Up and coming….we now have 29 days of preparation to receive the next church planting team who will be planting a church in Ibarra, Ecuador. They will be here from Nov 21 – Dec 19. This is a full team consisting of 14 adults and 3 children for 30 days. We will also have some others who will be coming through at the same time. We are in prayer that we will be in a new house by that time, but we need God to work and to soften the heart of the owner so we can leave our contract in good standing.

I (Alyson) will also be attending the Women’s Congress at the Cali House of Prayer on Nov 1 and 2. I am looking forward to how God will speak into my life during these two days.

Be sure to take a look at our new link at the top of our blog page titled CALENDAR OF EVENTS to keep up with what is happening in Cali. We welcome your prayers in support of what is happening here.

One of our next posts will focus on an exciting big step that God is leading us into, stay tuned!


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If it looks like we are having a lot of fun in the pictures I have posted it is because we are. We love what we do and we are so blessed by the call God has put on our lives to serve Him here in Colombia.

We wanted to give you some insights into what we have been up to. So much has happened since our last blog about the preparations we were working on to receive the first church planting team that would come through the new XSA (Extreme South America) service city of Cali, Colombia for their 20 days of training with us on the Master’s Plan. Here is a bullet point of the happenings since our last blog.

Jan 18 – March 2, our Master’s Plan Training Coordinator, Sandra Villa, was in Peru to work with the 40 day program and her mom lived with us during that time.

March 3 – 26, hosted and trained the church plant team assigned to Ambato, Ecuador (with a few early arrivers).

March 26 – April 10, my family visited right after the team left and we got to take them to a special place we have found in Colombia for a few days to relax (but we didn’t – we had some amazing adventures with my family).

April 11 – I started training for a new position within Extreme Nazarene Ministries that I have accepted, Administrative Assistant to the Director of Extreme. I will be working in Colombia while Brian Tibbs remains in Arequipa, Peru. He will be moving to Quito, Ecuador in early 2014. There will be a shift in how we work between countries. God is taking me into new territory and I am excited.

Coming up…..

We will be traveling to Arequipa, Peru mid June to the end of July helping with the big Love Extreme project. Vincent will be working with the foam block chapel builds and I will be assisting Brian in my new position.

The last days in July we will be in Bogota, Colombia for the annual renewal of our work visas.

Aug 6 – Sept 10 in the US. We have a detailed schedule God has laid out for us and we are in the process of making all the connections and confirmations for all the stops. More details to follow….

Sept 18 – Oct 1, we will receive a group of pastors and leaders from the Prairie Lakes District for a 2 week project. They will also be attending the annual International Master’s Plan Convention.

The 300 goal is currently at  77 with 223 more to go.