Hitting the Ground Running

Posted: November 9, 2015 in Life in Cali

We arrived back to Cali on Aug 11… I know that seems so long ago, but we hit the ground running on our return to Cali and haven’t stopped. We immediately faced some big challenges. Less than a week after getting back, due to some unforeseen stress and circumstances, we had to have Ferley temporarily put into to a half-way house. We had to begin making adjustments on the house to hold the large groups we were about to receive. School started for the boys on Aug 18. We hosted a vision tour for 5 days for a new Extreme Team Member Aug 27 – Sept 1. Here is my photo gallery to show all that was going on.

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  1. Pam Graham says:

    I love reading about all that is going on in Cali. Hilda looks wonderful and Wellington is growing so fast. Prayers are going up for Ferley that he will settle in. Changes are always hard.
    Miss you guys and really enjoy the updates.

  2. Michelle Reinert says:

    Is Ferley stil at the half way house? How is his progress going? I have all of you in my prayer journal!


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