ECC tour & long awaited departure

Posted: July 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

As I promised, here is a tour of the new ECC (Extreme Center Cali). I also included a few pictures of our middle of the night departure for our trip to the US. It had been 2 years since we have been home to visit family.

Please be in pray for the following requests:

  • Safe travels
  • Great connection with Ferley with his extended family and friends.
  • Ferley to be motivated to learn and speak more English.
  • Ferley’s citizenship process – it is not cut and dry due to us residing in Colombia. It was supposed to be automatic.
  • Quick and uneventful re-roofing project and other misc tasks on our Missoula, MT home.
  • Transition as we get back to Colombia (school starts a week after we return).
  • Preparations for our next team in Sept for the Master’s Plan Convention and the Antofagasta, Chile Church Plant training in Oct.

Next blog will be a grand photo gallery of our time in the US, our reunions and adventures.


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  1. Genell Knisley says:

    Love your new space! Thanks for sharing all the pictures! We’re praying for all 4 of you!

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