Who is coming when?! I need a highlighter.

Posted: June 17, 2015 in Life in Cali, Prayer Requests, traveling

These are not in chronological order but it will have to do on my time crunch I am in right now. These pix are from April – June. Enjoy!

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We have a multi-colored calendar on our wall to keep track of the people that are coming and going and detailed list of arrival and departure information. From March 26 – today we have had a total of 45 people in and out of our house(s). Right after our March short-term team and a day before the arrival of the Cordoba, Argentina Church Plant team we moved into a new home (#6 in 4 years). The team stayed in the old house and our family, 2 short-termers, my mom and other long-term team members of Extreme stayed in the new house. While the team was in training the two short-termers we had worked on projects to prepare the new house for the Antofagasta, Chile Church Plant team we will be having in Oct. Our Training and Logistics Coordinator, Sandra Villa has also been staying with us with her mom. She fell a few days after the Cordoba team arrived and broke her hip. She is recovering in our home as Sandra works on her practicum for the university. After the Cordoba team left we had 2 weeks to recover before we hosted the Extreme Board. After they left, we had 6 days before we received a group for the 40 Days Experience; they will be here for two weeks. In less than a week, we head out for a working vacation to the States. It has been 2 years since we have been back. We were waiting on the adoption of our son during our typical travel time last year. Ferley and Wellington are so excited to go and are counting the days. We plan to take things a little slower and focus on time connecting with family. If you would like to see more photos you can see them here on our family blog www.hotelcork.wordpress.com. We are in need of raising more funds while we are home, but our family time/connection is taking priority since Ferley still hasn’t met his whole family. If God is leading you to help, you can support us through this link www.extremenazarene.org/cork.

Thank you for all your support both prayerfully and financially. We have been truly humbled by your “being the body of Christ.”

Prayer requests:
God’s protection over us during our travels.
Ferley to bond with his new family, even if they don’t speak Spanish.
God to use us however He sees fits.
Enough time so we can finish the repairs and the new roof on our home in Missoula before the next renters come in.


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