New Family of Four!

Posted: March 24, 2015 in Adoption, Life in Cali, Uncategorized

Changes in the Cork Household

We added our new family member, Ferley James Cork, on Dec 22, 2014. Almost 2 months later, on Feb 23, I (Alyson) traveled to Bogota with Ferley to sign the papers at the court to make it official. They stayed several days more doing all the follow up with the name change and requirements to obtain his US Immigrant Visa. We have been learning how to live together with the addition of a 12 year old. It has been a blessing but it has also come with its challenges. We learn new things daily and glean knowledge, understanding and wisdom during this transition through our daily quiet times. God has been amazing (as always) in paving the way for the things we needed. We had intentions of home schooling but when that didn’t work out, we discovered God had moved us to the home we are currently in to discover the school perfect for Ferley in our new path taking Wellington to his school. It is a Christian school that offers personalized education. He is thriving there and we are so thankful for the new relationships we have built with the director. I have been donating a hour here and there helping to teach English classes. It has been nice to do something out of my typical work. Vincent has been occupied in negotiations for a new place (yes, another move) that would work well for the hosting and training we do. We have been busy preparing for 3 crazy months that are coming up that consist of:

  • Hosting a couple seeking a little rest and relaxation after finishing their church plant in Ambato, Ecuador.
  • Receiving a short term team to help us move and set up for Extreme Center Cali (ECC) for future trainings (includes Vincent’s dad)
  • Cordoba, Argentina Church Plant Team and others arriving the end of April for 1 month (my mom is coming to help) – we will have up to 28 people throughout this training living in the new ECC
  • Hosting a Vision Tour for the Extreme Board in June
  • Hosting the first week of the 40 Days Experience in June
  • Ahhh, then we will travel (vacation sort of) to the US to visit family, friends and start the process of Ferley’s US citizenship

Please pray for all of these items coming up on our calendars and for God to work through the negotiations on the house. For some reason we cannot move to a new house less than 5 days from receiving visitors. We are asking God if there is something more we have to learn in this process. This will be the 3rd time it has happened to us. We are celebrating 4 years in Cali on April 1.

Here is a slideshow of the last 3 1/2 months as it includes photos I was not able to share before Ferley was officially ours. Enjoy if you are a photo lover like me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  1. Michelle Reinert says:

    Are Ferley and Wellington at the same school? It is really nice that you can be at the school to help with English classes. Are all of the other classes in Spanish?

    I will keep praying that Ferley feels safe and secure with being part of a family. Do you know what happened to his parents? Was he always at the orphanage?

    Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2015 17:18:33 +0000 To:

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