Posted: November 27, 2014 in Adoption, Life in Cali, Prayer Requests, preparations

Our family is in a state of transition right now. We had been approved to live month by month in the last house after our contract ended on Nov 15, with the agreement that we would have 30 days notice to move if they sold the house. If not, we said we could stay at least until Feb 2015. Perhaps that day or shortly after, the house sold. Because of some miscommunications, we received the official news our last day was Nov 17, leaving only three weeks to pack and move… to where, we didn’t know. (As you continue reading, to truly understand God’s working in our lives… try to look at it through the perspective of 2 people packing for 20 and having very specific restrictions on size, layout, and location of the future housing.) We started packing right away and lived in the state of boxes for the remainder of our time, taking everything from the four floors and moving it to the first to aide in loading the truck. In the midst of all the packing, we did some final searching for houses to make sure we had the best option possible for the ministry. We were approved to rent one, but had our reservations due to the price and their inflexibility to shorten the contract. So we continued the search. Days before the move we were still looking. We came to the point of asking our friends if we could move in with them for a bit to give us more time to make a decision. They had offered earlier but we didn’t think it would be needed at the time. Our friend’s husband left for Ecuador to work for a month a week before we had to move. His time away was delayed by several weeks. I believe this was all in God’s timing to work all for good in being here to help our friend with her two kiddos. Wellington is on cloud nine living with his two best friends. This has had a reversed effect on our relationship in that we are together all week so we try to do things independently over the weekends to give the kids some time apart.

The BIG project of the construction of the Extreme Center Cali (ECC) is still in progress. At one point we thought it would not happen but continued in our faith in what God has called us to. There was a change and we are moving forward with working on the plans with all those involved. We do not have a green light yet, but we are closer than we have been before.

The day before the moving truck arrived, we found a place. Vincent looked at it and then returned with me. We wanted to meet with the owner face to face to discuss some options and things we needed to do to make the place work for us and he couldn’t meet us until after loading the truck. We found a mini-warehouse to store our belongings for the time being. After talking with Luis Fernando face to face for a few minutes he was ready to hand over the keys, discount the rent, give us two weeks rent free, and a six-month contract without any co-signers (what Colombia does instead of credit checks and deposits). He felt bad he did not talk to us the day before so we could have moved there directly. However, it is all working out, the house is very dirty and needs a lot of work having been vacant for 1 to 2 years. We are working to get the kitchen done, clean the living room and clean one bathroom that is 100% functional before we move our items in. Our goal is to move our stuff in the weekend of Thanksgiving. In my next post I will share more about the house God has provided us.

Adoption update: We are in the final stretch. Making calculations with our agency and all those involved we think we may be in Bogota, Colombia for our week long integration with our son the week prior to or the week of Christmas. We may be in a hotel for Christmas but at least we will be together as a family. The adoption will more than likely not be completed and official until sometime in January. Our son’s preparation for adoption began just a few days ago and he is excited.

Upcoming items and prayer requests:

Nov 30 – move into our new temporary home (5th home in 3 1/2 years in Cali). Hoping the next one will be the final one where we will stay for our remaining time in Cali.

Dec 6 -9 – We are hosting a Pastoral couple from Brazil for an interview for the next church plant. Brian Tibbs, CEO of Extreme will be joining them here in Cali.

Dec 15 or 22 – Tentative week long integration with our son in Bogota. We need to renew Wellington’s passport while we are there as it expires Jan 2015.

Dec 28 – 30ish – Receiving visitors. On of our high school friends and his wife (from Colombia) will be visiting us for a few days. We are so looking forward to this reunion. It has been a long time.

Jan 19th-ish – Trip to Quito, Ecuador for leadership meetings. Pending adoption status. Pray that the adoption finalizes as we cannot take our new son out of the country until the adoption is complete. The wait for the judicial system can be lengthy and there are frequent strikes.

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