Hosting a team and a break

Posted: October 17, 2014 in Adoption, Life in Cali, Prayer Requests, traveling

So much has happened since our last post at the end of Aug. Wellington began skating classes and enjoys another opportunity to spend time with kids his age and older. With tremendous help from our friends managing our home rental in Missoula, MT we have new renters and it was a smooth transition. More dear friends helped out on the maintenance of the deck in our backyard which was in great need of some care.

We continued the search for a new location to live and host church plant teams and we have not found anything that is a good fit except for this frame of a building which is the Cali’s Nazarene district center. Vincent has been extremely occupied drawing out multiple floor plans. He would show them to me; I would suggest some changes and he would have a few more ideas… he would draw a few more. We then went to the site to visualize what it would really look like. He has been working with architects to have professional plans drawn and is waiting on quotes for the project. After he has all these pieces put together he will be presenting the project to the local leaders in charge of this building. There was a Work and Witness team that worked on it in the early 2000’s that put in a floor and built four walls. We also had several short term teams work on this building as well. God is so good as the original plan when we arrived in Cali was to finish this building to house the short term teams we were receiving. It didn’t work out at that time but God knew what He was doing (as He always does). Everything our teams worked on has the potential to be have preparations for the future Extreme Center Cali (ECC). Hopefully next month’s post will have news on the green light to start the project. Once  we have that we will be looking for some specialized people to come help with the construction Feb – April 2015. Interested? A huge blessing we have received is the approval to stay in our existing home at least until Feb or until they sell it, which ever is first. This eliminates extra expenses in moving twice (temp house and then the new building) and the complications of changing our address in the middle of the adoption process.

We hosted a team of 10 for the 8th annual International Master’s Plan Convention the end of Sept with Pastors and leaders from, CO, KS, CA, AZ, FL, and Ecuador. They were a great and dynamic group. During the week, Vincent and those attending from Ecuador (part of Extreme) were able to present Extreme to the internationals attending the convention. We hosted the 3 Chileans for lunch one day to share more with them about Extreme coming to their country. We were also honored to have Dr. Jerry Porter and his wife accept our lunch invitation one afternoon during the convention. He loves what Extreme is doing and it was great to share with him specifically about what our role is in Cali. Our guests arrived as we were all getting over difficult colds and right in the middle of their stay I got the body aches and a fever but continued to push through and provide meals for the team. I missed the big evangelistic event as I still had the fever. A few days later, Wellington got the same yuck. He stayed home from school for 3 days. He would have fevers at night and waves of feeling better and worse. Due to the team and the sicknesses we were behind in our electronic work. Wellington finished out the week going to school for 2 days and then following week was a vacation week. We all needed a little recuperation so we took a day trip to the nearby town of Popayan and got away for the 3 day weekend in the mountains. Vincent still did some work but we were forced to get some true relaxation with the power out for 24 hours after a big thunderstorm.

We are full fledged this week back to our normal routine, playing some catch up. I am busy with Brian’s schedule as he is doing a lot of traveling and Vincent is chasing down the remaining pieces he needs to complete his research for the construction project of the new ECC.

Adoption update: The i800a application was finally assigned to an officer on Oct 6th, 6 weeks after it was received by them the second time. On Oct 10th, we received a request for evidence. As of today they have all been resolved but one. Hoping for approval next week. Hoping the process is like a super slide after that. It seems like all the next steps are ready, we are just waiting for the one ahead of it to be completed/approved. Our new goal is to have our son on our 4th anniversary of leaving the country on Nov 17. Pray for this with us.

Looking ahead:

Nov (trusting in faith) – Travel to Bogota to receive our son. Anytime Wellington hears the name Bogota or knows someone is traveling there he asks if his brother is coming home.

Christmas in Colombia – Still planning on family coming for the Christmas season, just trying to pinpoint our travel dates to Bogota before making plans.

Jan 5 – Wellington’s baby passport expires. We are hoping to time his renewal when we go to Bogota for our integration week with our new son. He has to be present to renew since he is a minor.

Jan 20 – 24 – Whole family traveling to Quito, Ecuador for the leader’s summit.

Feb  through April – (trusting in faith) Receiving short-term construction teams to help construct the ECC

May – Cordoba, Argentina Church Plant team with us for 30 days of training

Sometime in 2015 – We will be traveling to the US at some point, just don’t have a good measure on when that will be yet. Stay tuned.

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