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Posted: May 9, 2014 in Adoption, Life in Cali, Prayer Requests, preparations

Adding a Cork…… We are excited to share that news of an addition to our family through adoption. Vincent and I were unified in a call to adopt last June. It had been on Vincent’s mind for a while but he was patiently waiting for God to speak to me and confirm what God had for our family. We started doing research and discovered that the Colombian government had just stopped receiving applications for international adoptions the month prior. The one type of international adoption they still allowed was high priority adoptions. This was a list of priority adoptions, one was for children 8 years or older when adopting one child. We made trips to the government office in Cali and ran into brick wall after brick wall. When we were in Bogota to renew our visas we found the name of someone with experience with adoptions in Colombia. She is from Michigan and has adopted two children from Colombia. Through her, we were presented with a picture of our son. We signed a contract with an agency in Oct and found out in Jan that they were not re-accredited to work with Colombia.  We had to go back to square one, scouring the list of approved agencies to find one that had experience working with US citizen living overseas. We were blessed to find one full of passion and we started moving in the right direction. We had our home study and psychological evaluation the end of March with a few more skype sessions to complete the evaluation. Everything was in Spanish including a psychological test of 189 questions where you had to answer if you disagreed, somewhat disagreed, somewhat agreed or agreed with the statement. This was one of the more challenging parts for us with many sayings we had to ask clarification on. This week, the home study and evaluation should be complete and then we can move onto the next big step of asking the US government for approval to adopt from Colombia. We are hoping we will have their approval within 2 months.

Vincent’s dad was here for 3 weeks in March and April. This was his third visit to Colombia. Wellington was so excited for his arrival we made a countdown calendar for him. He also drew eight things he wanted to do with his Grandpa which included playing with his trains, going out for ice cream, going to the animal refuge, going to the pool….we got them all checked off and laminated it for Grandpa to take home for a souvenir. It was wonderful to see Wellington and his Grandpa bonding. Grandpa was gracious as I don’t think he ever won a game of match against his 4 year old grandson.  He helped us out in many ways preparing for our next church plant team coming May 29. Here is a list of some of the items he worked on:

  • Installed a 250 liter (60 gallon) reserve water tank. This will aid in toilet flushing and some showering when we have 16 – 20 people. We had a pastor on the last team jump in the shower after playing soccer and there was no water, not good. It really makes one aware of how thankful we are for the things we take for granted every day. When you turn the light switch on, there is light, turn the faucet on, there is water, turn the knob on the stove, there is gas. Remember in your prayers to thank God for ALL things.
  • Installed a curtain wall in the largest bedroom to allow the use of the master bathroom for more people.
  • Fixed stairway lights that were not working and rewired many non-working outlets.
  • Spent a few days helping the expansion of the San Judas Church. We have had many teams help out on this church over the years and it is exciting to see how it is coming along.

It is hard to show many pictures of our ministry work right now as much of it is where I am now, behind the computer. My work load as Admin Assistant has greatly increased as the CEO of Extreme is currently in the States mobilizing many of the positions we need filled as well as those for the upcoming church plant in Cordoba, Argentina. He is traveling almost every other weekend, speaking in churches, getting names of those called by God, meeting with them, following up with them through the application process, interviewing and deploying and I am the one assisting with the coordination of all of his travel, data entry and meetings. I do love it though, being able to assist him enabling him to do what he does best which is share the vision of Extreme.

Vincent has either been with me in the office doing all that he can to fill our house for the 8th annual International Master’s Plan Convention. He put together a package for Pastors, leaders, and laymen to come to the convention as a great rate and we take care of everything for them so they can concentrate on what God has for them during their time here. Our group last year from the Prairie Lakes District had such an incredible time and continue to be a group that is bonded through their time in Cali. The D.S for Prairie Lakes who was here with that group said, “Last year I was able to attend the Master’s Plan Conference in Cali with seven other leaders from our District. It was life changing for each of us. For me, being able to see the very real miracles and victories resulting from this kind of prayer focus is something I will never get over. The Tuesday morning prayer meeting was worth the whole trip for me. The conference itself also was amazing with the presence and power of God. My desire is to see as many of our Pastor and leaders, including lay leaders attend this event.” Below is the flyer Vincent put together for the convention. If you want to come, let us know or pass it on to someone you think would be interested click this link Aside from this work, he has been polishing up all the “to do” items we have to do before the next team arrives. We were in need of another family bunk bed so he converted one of the single ones. He has many other items on his list to work on before the group arrives the end of this month.

Vincent has been doing a wonderful job teaching at two different houses of prayers (cell groups). One in our home on Monday nights (I do a study for the kids, I need more!) and one on Wednesday afternoons for a few mom’s of Wellington’s classmates/friends. Please pray for these moms to take the next step and go to an encounter. It is a life changing experience. Also pray for Vincent’s disciples to take the next step in starting their own house of prayer. He currently has two of his disciples who have jumped with both feet in. I also have two mom’s that I have connected with going through challenging times. Pray for me to share God’s word to them giving them peace in their situations helping them to make the decision to choose Jesus as their Lord and Savior. He will never fail us.

As always, pictures to tell the story of our lives these last few months. The are miscellaneous and all over the board but hope they give you a window into our daily lives and activities.

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    Congratulations on your new addition to the family!

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