A compilation of 2 1/2 busy months.

Posted: January 28, 2014 in Life in Cali, traveling, Uncategorized

I want to start my catch up with an amazing story of a miracle we witnessed first hand. We were invited to celebrate the Christmas festivities with our good friends. We were at their house visiting on Dec 23 talking about our plans. They received an email while we were there with results of tests their 4 yr old daughter underwent after a trip to the ER a week prior for respiratory issues. My girlfriend began to explain what the results said and she ran into the laundry room and broke into tears, not wanting her kids and her mother-in-law who just arrived to see. She had explained to me that in a chest x-ray they had found a mass pressing on an artery near her lung. Instantly my friend was thinking of the worst case scenario of cancer or tuberculosis. I hugged her and prayed with her a simple short prayer asking for God to heal her daughter and that the follow-up tests would come out clear. They made several calls that evening to other medical friends and contacts of friends to help interpret the results letter. They found a pediatric specialist to see the following day. They met with him in the morning and showed him the results that we had printed out for him. They said his face went from normal to looking very serious as he read the results letter. He immediately asked them to start making a list of those their daughter had been in contact with in the last 3 weeks and sent them to another clinic for tests. These tests showed a completely healthy little girl. They were home by lunchtime. What this family endured for 24 hours, some have had to endure for days, weeks, months and even years. A Christian friend of the little girls dad said you have 2 choices, her medical results were in error or this was a miracle. They are choosing to believe this is a miracle that happened in the life of their daughter. One wonderful thing that we heard from them is that we keep drawing them close to God during trials and challenges in their life. Continue to pray for this family as they have not yet accepted Jesus Christ as their savior.

Other happenings and highlights over the last two months shown in the slideshow below:

  • We moved to a new house closer to the church on Nov 15.
  • The Ibarra, Ecuador Church Plant Team was with us for training from Nov 21 – Dec 19 (17 people).
  • We took a few days off and went to Armenia, Colombia with some friends from Dec 28 – Jan 2 to rest and recharge.
  • We traveled to Quito, Ecuador Jan 8 – 20 to visit the church plant in Ambato and attend the Summit (annual meeting of the Extreme leadership).
  • Since returning, we are re-moving into our home in a more organized fashion, getting back into routine and gearing up for another team in March or April.

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