US Whirlwind Tour: Aug 6 – Sept 10, 2013

Posted: October 3, 2013 in New Calendar Items, traveling

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Stateside Trip Summary :

We traveled close to 4,000 miles driving through 10 states in 5 weeks. We had prayed over our path for several months before we started piecing it together and God did an amazing job giving us so many opportunities to share, to see to friends and family (several we had not seen in over a decade), and to meet new people who are partners in our ministry whom we had never met face to face. We want to say a great big thank you to the all that opened up their homes for us to stay. In our first two weeks on the road we stayed in one house a night with the exception of two nights in Meridian, ID where we took Wellington into Urgent Care thinking he may be suffering from parasites from our travels to Peru. All the test results came back negative and they deduced that it was just a virus that had to run its course (10-14 days). He was a trooper doing all that travel when his mouth was full of sores which made it hard to eat, some belly aches and occasional diarrhea. Grandma Book (my mom) treated his sores with frankincense and that gave him great relief. The day he started to turn around was obvious as the Wellington we knew was coming back. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story of our time in the States. Hard to believe but I had to cut back on my original picture selection. I love how pictures capture so much of the story.

Something to laugh about… arriving to Seattle with Wellington in “high-waters,” we immediately picked up some clothes for him at a second-hand store as he was quickly growing out of everything we had for him. By the time we returned to Seattle and were packing… we realized we had to leave the pants we had just bought with his little cousin as they were now too short!!! We had a week after our arrival home to prepare for the Prairie Lakes District Team  who stayed with us for 2 weeks which is why I am so behind in getting this blog out. You will also see an update from that project soon. God is so good to us giving us the strength we needed to get through this time with such a packed schedule.

NEW items added to the Blog:

  • Calendar of Events link to a new page on the top bar so you can keep up with who is coming and going from Cali, Colombia and what we are up to thanks to the suggestion of a good friend who wants to be praying specifically for us.
  • I also added the image of our prayer card on the left side.

Coming up….. (also listed on the NEW Calendar of Events page)

Oct 11 – 15, 2013: We will be hosting a Vision Casting Team of 5 who are applying for positions within Extreme Nazarene Ministries from finances to HR. We cast the vision of what we do to support the 40/40 church planters here in Cali and then they travel to Ecuador to see directly what the 40/40s do on a daily basis.

Nov 21 – Dec 19, 2013: The Ibarra, Ecuador church planting team will be with us in Cali, Colombia for their 30 days of the Master’s Plan Training.

Mid Jan 2014: We will be traveling as a family to Quito, Ecuador to take part in summit meetings with the officers and managers of Extreme.

April 25 – May 25, 2014: The Manta, Ecuador church planting team will be with us in Cali, Colombia for their 30 days of the Master’s Plan Training.

Prayer Requests:

We are looking to rent a new house in Nov before our big Ibarra, Ecuador team arrives. We had been praying for this house over a year ago and it had been sold and resold over this time and now the owner is willing to rent. God is so faithful, even when it appears impossible. We need it to be in our budget and for us to be able to gracefully exit our contract with the current house.

For God to open the doors to a big change in our family I will blog more about later.

  1. Bill & Michal Holl says:

    Thanks for sharing the pictures and stories of your trip home. Sounds like God is doing amazing things in South America. You traveled through several of my old stomping grounds (Ontario, Fruitland, Meridian). What is your cousin Doug’s last name and has he lived in Fruitland his whole life? My mom’s family and my Dad grew up in Fruitland. Love you and miss you!

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