Serving in Peru

Posted: July 29, 2013 in Prayer Requests, traveling, Uncategorized

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We were delighted with the invitation from Brian Tibbs to come and serve with our Extreme family for the Love Extreme 2013 mega event. It has been wonderful to be back in Peru seeing old friends such as our host family and our Spanish teachers. Sometimes it can feel like we are on an island in Cali with Vincent, I and Sandra (our Master’s Plan Training Coordinator) being the only ones with Extreme in Cali, Colombia.

It was very cold upon our arrival in Arequipa and it took several weeks to get somewhat used to it. Vincent was sent off to Puno to set up a mobile church just days after our arrival. I got Wellington all set up to attend the same jardin (pre-school) that he attended for a month at the tail end of our time in Arequipa in the beginning of 2011 after our language studies. He attended the jardin for a month while Vincent and I worked out of the office. The “Love Extreme 2013” short-term volunteers began to arrive and we were given the job of hosts for the construction portion of the project. We worked with 2 teams and built one foam chapel before the event. We had 1143 people attend the mega event on July 20 with Colombia comedian Jose Ordonez. He had a wonderful show with jokes about marriage and tying it all together at the end with a challenge for all those who were there. About 150 people came forward and 105 filled out cards wanting to receive Jesus Christ as their savior. After the mega event we worked for three days at Tio Chico to construct the second church and then we traveled with them to Puno, Peru to install one of the mobile churches in the nearby town of Juliaca, a very dark city in great need of Jesus. Since the first day of construction with our last group we have been attacked with at least one person being pulled off the construction site each day due to illness. Each day we pray over the one who had fallen ill and they are ready to go the next day, maybe not feeling 100% physically but they are ready in their hearts and minds to continue to press on with the work that the Lord has laid before us. The inauguration of the church in Juliaca was Sunday, July 28.

We had to depart early from our team to get back to Arequipa, Peru to catch our flight to Bogota, Colombia. We will be there a day and a half to go through our visa renewal process. Please pray that all goes flawlessly. We then fly back to Cali, Colombia for about 5 days to unpack, wash, repack and head to the US for 5 weeks. Below is our tentative itinerary. If you are near any of our speaking engagements we would love to see you. We have just renewed our contract with Extreme to continue in our current roles for another 2 years. We are excited for what these next two years hold for us as a family and for Extreme as a ministry. We are blessed to be called to serve with Extreme Nazarene Ministries.

Aug 7-9 in Lake Stevens, WA
Aug 9 – 10 in Kennewick, WA
Aug 11 speaking at Ontario First Church of the Nazarene in Ontario, OR
Aug 11 – 13 in Meridian, ID
Aug 13 in Twin Falls, ID
Aug 13-14 in Green River, WY
Aug 14 speaking at Sonrise Church of the Nazarene 7pm in Cheyenne, WY
Aug 15-16 in Lincoln, NE
Aug 16-17 in Sioux City, IA
Aug 18 speaking at Sioux Falls Reach Church of the Nazarene in Sioux Falls, SD
Aug 18 in Kathryn, ND
Aug 19-23 in Bismarck, ND
Aug 21 speaking at Mandan Church of the Nazarene at 7pm in Mandan, ND
Aug 22 speaking at Living Hope Church of the Nazarene at 7:30pm in Bismarck, ND
Aug 24-30 in Minot, ND
Aug 31 in Billings, MT
Sept 1-4 in Missoula, MT
Sept 2 speaking at Missoula First Church of the Nazarene at 10:30am
Sept 5-10 in Lake Stevens, WA
Sept 10 departure for Cali, Colombia

  1. Jillian says:

    I can’t believe how much Wellington has changed! I keep hoping one of your tours in the U.S. will bring you a little closer to the East coast, but no such luck. I miss our airport phone calls and hope that you continue to have the ability to follow God’s calling for your amazing family. All my love and prayers- Jillian

  2. What church in Kennewick will you be at? That is only a short distance from me, and although my hubby might still be at church camp, I would love to come see you and your family!

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