Our little ambassador

Posted: July 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

I wanted to share a story about our little ambassador, Wellington. When we talk about him being our ambassador in our ministry work I am sure there are thoughts of him being friendly, generous, showing God’s love but I was amazed to see God use him the other day when he wasn’t having such a great moment. Vincent and I had picked up Wellington from school and had to run a few errands in the opposite direction of our home. One the walk back to our house we were getting close to passing by his school (jardin) which is right by the park. He continually asked me to go to the park. I replied, “maybe we will go this afternoon but right now we have to go home and eat lunch”. As he does, he continued to repeat, “mommy, parque, mommy, parque…”. I did my love and logic ,’I love you too much to argue”. He had a fit, let go of my hand and laid down on the sidewalk with his back to us. We continued to walk for a bit but he was not budging. I went and hid behind a tree and Vincent stuck close. As we were waiting for Wellington to come to his senses and find his parents a man walked by with his daughter in his arms. He looked at Wellington, then us and back and forth. He finally said, “Is that your kid?”. Vincent responded yes and said he was having an attitude. We shared a few more words and I commented that he had really good English. “I better I’m an American,” he replied.  I stuck my foot in my mouth. He looked Colombian with darker skin, brown hair and brown eyes. He was raised in Las Vegas and has been in Cali for the last 7 years teaching English. We got into more conversation and he is looking for native speakers and was hoping we were looking for work. We told him of some contacts we have here and exchanged numbers. Vincent took this opportunity to invite him to our English speaking bible study. He sincerely was interested and he and Vincent exchanged numbers. We have already referred one friend to him. We are hoping this is an answer to our prayers for our cell group to grow. This also shows me that he can use us in many ways, ways we can’t even comprehend. How is my son throwing a fit and laying in the middle of the side walk going to help grow his kingdom. God says, “watch”. I thank God for all the wonderful and all the trying times of parenting. In and through both situations He can use us. I wish I would have taken a picture with my phone to share with you but all you parents have probably seen this scene with your own children.

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