Holiday Happenings and Prayer Requests

Posted: January 26, 2012 in language training, Life in Cali, Prayer Requests, Testimonies, traveling

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I have not been writing letters or updating posts much in the last month as it has been busy here with the holidays and with Wellington out of school for almost a month. He returned the middle of Jan and it felt so good to have some uninterrupted time to work in quietness. Several times during his vacation when we were at the park he would ask/motion to go by his school, always being disapointed when no one was there. The first few days back to school he shed a few tears, but they were quickly gone as other kids arrived. He is going through a stage of being timid and a bit clingy. He still loves to hand out high 5’s, hugs and kisses but he is a bit more choosey as to whom they go to. It doesn’t take long to get into his good graces. This last weekend came number 3 of his 4 molars. All weekend long he had fevers and didn’t want to each much except yogurt. He was really snuggley which I thoroughly enjoyed. He is waking during his naps in soft cries and falling back to sleep. The fevers come and go, I have been using oral gel and he understands that relieves the pain so he can go back to sleep or playing but that still doesn’t make it easy to put on his molar that is coming in.

We passed the holidays with friends and even though it wasn’t the same without our families, it was still a special time celebrating the birth of our Savior. We got to experience many cultural things over the holidays. We attended a horse parade and an antique car parade with Wellington. We also spent Jan 1 at the Pance River which is a custom for many Colombians. We had the incredible opportunity to go to a finca (farm, rather it was an urban community) with Pastor and almost his whole family. It was really nice to connect with them and their family on a deeper level and just pass some time together. There schedules are incredibly busy so we feel fortunate we were able to spend this special time with them. We were blessed to attend an overnight trip to another finca (farm) which was a youth camp with a local church we have become very close to. Vincent and I shared a message with the youth around a bonfire, it was the exercise we learned with LWM (Lay Witness Mission) of a quiet time with the Lord where you write a letter to yourself from Jesus. Our dear friend Myra helped us through a few tricky times with the language but we were able to share everything in Spanish. Praise the Lord, your prayers are being answered. For us to be at this point in our Spanish communication is a miracle in our eyes and we cannot thank you enough for all your prayers as far as learning the language but there is much more to learn so please keep praying. Here are some other prayer requests we currently have:

1. New projects and website design for Extreme Colombia at This is a project we have been working on for the last month and a half and it is almost complete. Pray for this to be a tool that will draw people to Colombia to fill the vision of 300. We are praying for a total of 300 people to register for projects this year. Movement is starting to happen with a few teams deciding on dates to come and registering. We also have a Jesus Film group coming. God is so good and faithful to our prayers. Pray with us to hit the vision of 300!

2. Praise the Lord that my family is coming to visit us at the end of March (my sister and her daughter, my mom and my aunt). Pray for God to prepare them for mighty things while they are here and for safe traveling mercies. They will be staying with us through Easter.

3. Wisdom for Vincent and I as we discipline Wellington. We pray for creativity in parenting. Wellington is an incredible and intelligent kiddo and we are working to keep up with his level- working to raise him to be a Godly young man.

4. Praise the Lord! As of Feb 1 we will have renters for our home in Missoula, MT. It has been vacant since the beginning of Dec. We trusted in God that he had very specific people to rent our home. We are grateful for our dear friends who are managing this for us. We had to drop our rental price below our monthly expenses but know that God will provide as he has called us to do what we are doing.

5. We have our flights purchased for our trip back to the States for 2012: Aug 23 – Sept 18. Please pray for God to work the details of our travels and speaking engagements. We will be working to make contacts for these during the months of Jan and Feb hoping to have our schedule in place by mid March.

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