POR FIN – We officially have our visa cards

Posted: October 5, 2011 in Prayer Requests, preparations, Testimonies

When I posted the fact we had our Colombian Visas in hand, that was not the end to the process. We still had to visit the D.A.S. (Dept of Admin Security) office in Cali within 15 days of reentering the country in which we drove 45 min to this office only to make an appointment for the next day (they only make appointments in person, you cannot call to make an appointment). We received another list of letters and items we needed to present. We obtained the last of these requirements at 10pm that night and returned the next day to sit for over an hour. After the fingerprinting and more photos we were told to return in a month and a half for our visa cards. PRAISE THE LORD, this week officially marks the end of our visa process. After 6 long months, serveral trips out of the country, oddles of paperwork signed, stamped and certified by this office and that, fingerprints of every combination (both ink and electronic), we finally picked up our C.E (Cedula Extranjero). This card allows us to function like a resident in Colombia. We are now starting the process of being less dependent on the locals (to an extent). We are working to convert some bills for things like internet and cell phones that are in friends names into our own. They were gracious to help us when we arrived to secure those things which are essential to the operation of the Extreme Colombia project. It was an impossibility as foreigners without a visa to get any of this accomplished when we arrived. We are so thankful for God providing the support we have here in Cali.

We are gearing up for our next team arriving in 1 week. This is a very special team for us as Vincent’s dad is coming and we have our 3 attending from our home church in Missoula, MT and 2 from Victor, MT. We are excited at what God is orchestrating as far as events for this team. Some of them seem specially catered to the skills and abilities of this group. Why does this surprise me that God would organize such individualized events? I shouldn’t be surprised, this is what we have been praying for and the prayers are being answered. Praise His name. Please continue to pray for this team as many have been under some intense warefare. This only confirms that these are the ones He has chosen to come. We are anticipating marvelous things to happen while they are here.

Psalms 126:3 The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy.

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