Two teams under our belt…

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Prayer Requests, Testimonies

We have had two Extreme Colombia teams on the ground and have a better handle on what our projects are going to look like and consist of working hand and hand with the Cali House of Prayer. It has not been easy and we are expecting many challenges in the future. Our peace rests in the fact we are in the center of the will of God for our lives and that gives us the strength and endurance to continue with our work here. The struggles seem grand at the time but how victorious things come out in the end. We have been battling with spiritual warfare among our family and those who have a desire to come to an Extreme Colombia project. Battles with the logistics of finances here, airline issues, obtaining visas, functioning as foreigners and other things continue to allow God to show He’s in control of everything and He has our best interests in mind. God has shown us encouragement and confirmation through personal revelations, words spoken from others, and reports from our previous teams. We delight in the stories, hearing about changed lives and how they are impacting those around them. This is why we are here. Our life verse speaks, Ephesians 2:10 For we are God’s workmanship, created to do good works which God has prepared in advance for us to do. We know that sometimes God doesn’t provide you with what you need until the nick of time- which has been a faith builder as He continues to increase the stakes. We are learning more and more to depend on Him for absolutely everything, even the smallest of things. It reminds me of a story from a dear friend who told me her mother would ask and pray to God for a good parking spot when they would go shopping… and He would always supply.

Wellington update: Since we got back home, our Cali home, and our schedules went back to what we call normal, we decided to work with Wellington on potty training. We worked hard on it one weekend, and putting faith in him, sent him to school with only his undies… and his regular clothes of course. He has had about 4 accidents while in school in the last two weeks but and the last few days have been dry, dry, dry. YAHOOO! I think we hit it at the opportune time but I have to say I did pray for this transition to be easy and God has answered this prayer. It has been so wonderful watching all these changes in Wellington, It really is all happening too fast. His vocabulary is taking off (mom and dad’s is improving too). We are not to full sentences (meaning Wellington not us) yet but he puts words together and will repeat them over and over and over. One of our favorites right now is “alla, go…alla, go…alla, go”  This is THERE in Spanish and GO in English. This means he wants to leave the apartment, usually to go down to the commons area to play soccer. With the new school year upon us we had to purchase uniforms for him. Oh my oh my, one of my friends commented on FB about the Sound of Music and my sister commented that it looked like his grandpa Norm when he was a lad.

We have a short lull, well it is not really a lull since we have a ton of things on our TO DO dry erase board in our office. September 22 – 25 is the International Master’s Plan Conference here in the Cali House of Prayer. Vincent is attending and we will be putting together a presentation for the American Pastors coming for the conference.  Vincent is also heading to Miami early next month for an Officer’s meeting for Extreme Nazarene Ministries. We have our next team arriving mid October, which we are very excited about, having people from our home church in Missoula, friends from the neighboring church, and Vincent’s dad joining us. He will be sticking around a bit longer to enjoy some time with Wellington. In November, we have another group arriving. As you can see we are staying busy here in the field. Always having new challenges where our dependence on our Lord is a must. We are having a blast! Okay so in reality, not all days feel like this but when I step back and look at the whole picture I don’t want to be anywhere else but here, in the center of God’s will. I am missing family and friends and sometimes when no one is on skype I get lost in the black hole of facebook trying to keep in touch with the lives of those I love and miss.

Prayer Requests:

  • Continued mighty movement of the Spirit for those who have returned to the States from an Extreme Colombia project.
  • Safe traveling mercies for Vincent and the next two teams. 
  • For our presentation during the Master’s Plan to bring in a great harvest of Short Term Volunteers.
  • As always, language- for us to exponentially learn more knowledge of the language, culture and enlarge our Spanish vocabulary.
  1. John kelley says:

    Love to hear what is going on in your lives, we are always praying for you guys, way to much good God stuff going on here to list (he is so faithful) Three lay missions coming up for us, we will miss you. love you guys and long for the day to see our friends. Kelleys

  2. RoseMary Maestas says:

    So good to catch up with you, and to see how Wellington is growing; still and always his cute, funny self. Great also to see pics of my dear Sandra and her mom. Love to you all!!!
    Have a wonderfully blessed Christmas and New Year 2011!!

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