Colombian Visas in hand

Posted: August 6, 2011 in Prayer Requests, traveling

We are heading out in 30 min for the airport for our trip back to Cali, Colombia. We quickly sent out a praise email yesterday about the answer to prayer that we had received our visas for Colombia. We dropped off our application to the consulate on Wednesday morning and were told to come back Friday at 11am to see if our visas were approved or not. We spent from 11am to 2:30pm on Friday in the cosulate office with a quick errand to obtain the last bits of requirements before we had them in our hands. We are so happy to have this major hurdle behind us. Thanks for all your prayers.

I wanted to do a post about our trip to the states with pictures but it will be delayed as our computer with all the pictures is ill. I am praying and please pray with me that the hard drive will be restored. I have a lot of information we need for the project on this computer.

We have our next team of 1 arriving on Aug 10. She is fluent in Spanish and will be working closely with the youth as that is where her passion lies. She will also be attending the women’s encounter weekend. She is praying for clarity in her call.

  1. John kelley says:

    Hey guys, so sad we missed you when you were in the states. We looked at the schedule you posted and all but one day we were involved in ministry of some sort. Praise the lord he took care of your needs, miss you guys lots. Always praying for you, kelley family

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