We have a home!

Posted: May 9, 2011 in Prayer Requests, preparations, Testimonies

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Vincent spoke of complications beyond our control in the last blog, here was yet another example… we finally made the move to our apartment last Tuesday, remember it was supposed to be the Friday before- that turned into Saturday. But praise God, almost a month after arriving in Cali, we have a place to call home. There were some complications when a rainstorm flooded the parking garage of the apartment and the tenants were not able to leave due to the water on the streets. We didn’t see it but the best we can tell by the evidence left behind, the water was probably about 10” deep… causing damage to some of the cars that were parked there. We had already put three months down of the six-month lease for the apartment. When all of this happened the Pastora of the church said she didn’t want us to move into that apartment any longer. We didn’t fully understand as the actual apartment didn’t flood but we were going with the flow. There was not much movement in looking for another place so we were just trying to be patient. The owner had already used some of our money preparing the apartment for us so we weren’t sure if we would be able to get our full three months rent back. Vincent and I still wanted to move in, but we continued with our patience. Jaime, our contact met with the owner to see about getting our money back and it was agreed that we would change our 6 month contract to a 3 month. We have no doubt this is a God orchestrated event. You see our plan is to hopefully move into an apartment in the building where we house the short-term teams, which hasn’t been built yet. If this happens within the next 3 months then we will be free from a contract. This is our best guess, as we know God never ceases to amaze us with what He has planned for our lives. We have been in our apartment for almost a week now and the only things we have are our clothes, Wellington’s pack and play and a bed for us (given to us by a member of the church). Oh and we borrowed two plastic chairs from the neighbor. The apartment came with a stove but we have no fridge and no furniture. We have been blessed by those in the church who will be helping us with our major needs of the apartment we just don’t know when they will be coming. We have been able to regain some independence now living behind the church. We have a grocery store right in front of us (our current refrigerator that we visit three times a day), and a large shopping center 10 minutes walk away.

We had an incredible experience getting to go out with a cell group in the church to a community who has been impacted by the flooding that has been happening in the city of Cali. A large gated home, owned by one of the members of the cell group, was opened up for the event and a 120 families were personally invited during a door-to-door campaign completed by the cell group earlier. There were many services offered to the families, evangelism, hairdressers, dentists, nurses, doctors, physical therapist, medicines, counselors, a large bag of groceries, a gift for the kids and school supplies, refreshments and a place for workers from the church to donate blood for the community. Out of the 120 families invited, 95 came to the event, which totaled over 400 people. The cell group had been praying for a sunny day and boy did the sun shine. We are in the rainy season and it rains at least once a day and usually comes in the morning or mid afternoon. It didn’t rain until late in the evening. Vincent and I made some great contacts within this group and we got to explain what we are doing here. It is so bizarre to meet someone from the church and have to ask them what service they go to or you may never run into them again unless it is deliberate.

I am a picture girl, so here are some pictures of our apartment and a few teasers from the impact event we served in. Vincent is planning on making a video from this day.

Answered prayers:
We are in our apartment and being blessed with many of the items we need from the church. As I have written this over several days, things continue to come in: we now have a microwave, blender, second bed for our first guest arriving today, plates & glasses, pots, curtains, sheets, towels and more. We just now received a fridge!
With the gifts from the church God is multiplying the fishes and the loaves for us, as this will help alleviate some of our the extra financial costs we have acquired in extending our stay here in Cali due to the delay of construction.
We now have communication in Cali – we have cell phones and Internet coming soon (a relative term).

Prayer requests:
Our contact Jaime and Pastor Herrera (the Pastor of the House of Prayer here in Cali) are speaking in the States in hopes to get more people to attend Extreme Colombia thru Extreme Nazarene. Pray the harvest is plentiful.
Pray for us to find the items we need in preparation for our first short term team coming mid June.

  1. Ken says:

    Thanks for the updates! Helps us know how to pray. Love you guys!

  2. Praying you guys this week!

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