We are moving to Cali…or on our way at least.

Posted: March 31, 2011 in preparations, traveling

We packed for most of the night last night and woke early to get to the airport by 7:00am. Our flight was scheduled for 7:55am out of Arequipa bound for Lima, then Cali. When we arrived we were told the Lima airport was closed due to fog and our flight had not yet been confirmed. We were issued our boarding passes and told to watch the board for updates. We were blessed to have some friend of Extreme accompany us to the airport but they quickly had to say their good-byes. We met our host family minus their daughter as she had school and they stuck by our side as we waited. They were enjoying carting Wellington around discovering “carros” in the window of the gift shop. This is currently his only Spanish word but it is so stinking cute to hear him say it. He has an obsession with cars.

Finally, the board read 8:30am, not too bad as it is an hour and a half flight to Lima and we needed to check into our international flight by 11:50am. We knew it would be tight as we had to collect all of our belongings (yeah I mean our lives…6 checked suitcases) and check in with a different airline. Our bags were marked “priority” as our connection was tight. As we were visiting with our host family the board updated again with our flight now leaving at 9:30am. Now we were really cutting it close. We had some time to kill so we went to the second floor of the airport so we could be in the open air overlooking the runway. Wellington had a place to run and use up some energy.

It was time for us to go through security and we said our difficult good-byes to our host family. It was nice to have them by our side during our entire wait at the airport. Wellington was played out and fell asleep while in his carrier after we got through security. I swayed and swayed for 20 min with my 30+ lb babe in the pack when a sweet women came and offered me her chair. It was now past 9:30am and we didn’t know what to expect. At 10am, we finally boarded the plane. Wellington woke with a burst of energy. As we walked out to the plane we heard our names only to see our host family still waiting there with us but on the second floor overlooking the runway, wow! We gave our last wave and entered the plane. We knew God was in control of the situation and would take care of us. We prayed for safe travels and helping us with our connection. Maybe all flights were delayed out of Lima too.

We landed at almost 12 noon and those priority tags on our bags didn’t really help. The last of our 6 checked bags was almost the last to arrive. We rushed to the airline desk with our reservations and we were told we would not be on that flight today as it was already closed. Somewhat expected, we will just hope to be on the next flight. Well….the next flight is not for another 2 days. There was a bit of ping ponging between the two airlines we were using to see who would correct our flights for us. The later airline was kind enough to rebook our flights at no additional fee. What a blessing. So we are spending two days in Lima. We have some quiet opportunity to get some work done before arriving in Cali as well as get some much needed rest so we can arrive refreshed and ready to tackle the items we have in Cali. We will be searching for an apartment when we arrive. Vincent needs to get started on the short term volunteer housing as quickly as possible to be ready for our 1st team in June.

God is so good to us, taking care of all the details. More to come when we know and can share about the city we will be serving in for the next year and a half.

Prayer requests:

We are still in need of a logistics person to serve with us in Colombia

We are looking for someone to assist with the building of the short term housing alongside Vincent.

Pray for a smooth transition during our move and to find our apartment quickly.

  1. John Kelley says:

    So happy to here from you guys. We mis you guys and I think of you and pray often. We have noted all the prayer request and will be deligent to lift those needs to the only one who can provide. We are still in the process of a possibley adopting the foster kids but there is alot of unknowns. We may not go through with it at all. All is well as it could be with life but always looking forward to serving the King how ever we can. Would love to be there with you guys but for that to happen, God would have to really move ( if it’s his will, all things are possible). My self, John Jr and Maddy, drove through Missoula two weekends ago on the way to a lay witness mission. We wished we could have stopped by and had lunch, but we reflected on good times with you instead. We will keep up on what is happening with you guys and of course KEEP PRAYING. Praise God for his merciy, love and life changing power, he his always good. Love Kelley Family

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