Slight delay in plans…

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Prayer Requests, preparations

We should have arrived in Cali, Colombia a week ago but we are still in Arequipa as our project was pushed back. We now are officially moving, tickets are purchased, on March 31. While our move date was pushed back a month, the construction start date of the church was pushed back 2 1/2 months, starting mid June. This means we feel we need to extend our stay in Cali.

During our wait to move to Cali at the end of March, Vincent and I are filling some gaps in the headquarters office in Arequipa. We have moved into an apartment. Alyson is really enjoying the ability to cook again. We have enrolled Wellington in a jardin (a school for little ones) for 4 hours a day.

Some of you are probably wondering… “if your start date has been pushed back what about your return date?” A very valid question and the answer is that it has. But the good news is that we plan on returning home now for a few weeks this November. Since we had to cancel some of the first work trips we have now added them to the end. We are excited for the opportunity to work longer with the Cali church and to have our language and even Wellington’s to advance a little more with the increased time in South America. But we have the problem of our friends and family being disappointed with our delayed move back home, please be happy for us as we are serving our Father joyfully and doing His will that He has for us here right now. Another problem we will face is how far our funding will go. We know that alot of you reading this support us financially and prayerfully. We thank you for your gifts and prayers you have sacrificially given already and please be in prayer with us as we will be praying for God to multiply the loaves and fish. We know that we are in His will and that He will provide. Life here has already been an interesting journey here in Peru and we know that it is going to get more interesting as we move to Cali. We look forward to what he has for us as a family and for the short term volunteers that we be coming to help with His work.

PRAISE – We graduate from Spanish school on March 16th!!!

Coming soon a video post from Vincent (he has a new passion for video editing).

With love from Arequipa, Peru – The Corks

  1. Chuck Bunch says:

    I will arrive in Cali on June 23rd with a team, mostly from California and some bilingual. We are excited about joining with you in the start of the unique new worship center!!
    Keep sending updates……..Chuck

  2. Tom & Alyce Krantz says:

    Wellington, Alyson & Vince
    Greetings in Jesus Name!
    I finally and I do mean finally had a few moments to look over your blog. Work has been incredibly busy and the people opportunities we have, keep us on the go, which I know you guys are all to familiar with. Regarding you blog I especially enjoyed the video clip of A day in the Life of the Corks, thank you! Also congratulations on graduating from Language school that was quite an achievement Grande!
    As of the moment we are still getting ready for our time with you guys in October, dutifully making our contributions along with the Pates and your dad. I do not know yet how it is being organized but we will be ready when the time comes. Thanks for doing what God our Father is asking of you and may you continue to grow in grace and the knowledge of Jesus our Savior. P.S. Alyce continues to pray for you twice a day on her way past your home as she heads to work and returns home.

    With love Tom & Alyce

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