First sites and answered prayers…

Posted: November 22, 2010 in language training, Prayer Requests, traveling

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We can’t thank all of our partners in ministry enough for making this journey possible, being God’s hands and working miracles in our lives. Here are some of our first sights and encounters to help you feel as close to us and our new lives as possible. Know you are close to our hearts as well.

Answered prayers:

  • Wellington traveled extremely well considering the molar coming in.
  • We arrived safely with no unusual hiccups just delayed flights and a few lost items.
  • We have a wonderful loving familia anfitriona (host family) – yes you can learn some Spanish along with us!
  • Despite the smoke coming out of our ears we are already communicating better after 3 days of classes than when we arrived.

Prayer requests:

  • Continued absorption of the Spanish language.
  • Loose ends on the home front in Missoula to be completed so we can concentrate on life here and the new tasks at hand.
  • Wellington has #2 of 4 for the first set of molars coming in with gusto. Fever, running nose and cough which may be due to adjustment of the climate here in Arequipa (we hope).
  1. siskephart says:

    Wonderful pictures of your first few days there. God bless you three. Covering you with my prayers.

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