We have arrived in Arequipa!

Posted: November 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

Our host family speaks very little English, which is good, as we need to learn Spanish in a hurry. The first day has been interesting communicating. We have a Spanish phrase book and dictionary and they have an electronic word translator. We are getting by with those but are really excited for school to gain some confidence in communication. It only gets easier from here right? The current day is easier than pervious days. We have to remember that when it comes to speaking Spanish. Our host family is Pastor Ytalo, his wife Karin and 14 year-old daughter, Andrea, who gave up her room or us. We were so surprised to see they brought in a nice wooden crib for Wellington. He slept like a rock the first night with hopefully many more to come.

Arequipa is a high desert city of 1 million. There are three volcanoes surrounding the city so we have beautiful mountains to remind us of home.  We start school tomorrow. Today our host family was giving us the lay of the land. He pointed out many landmarks to remember where his home is. He also told us the best way to get to school by combis (small buses). He also drove us to the city center Plaza de Armas last night. Wellington fell asleep in my arms and Vincent was nodding off. We went to bed by 9pm and woke this morning at 6 chatted with one another in bed for a bit and went back to sleep until 8:30 when Wellington woke. The sun rises at 5:00am here.

We just finished with our first day of Spanish class. A complete summation of what we knew in Spanish was covered within our first 4 hours of classes. We have much studying to do. But we can go home to our host family with more knowledge than what we left with this morning. We have a wonderful cluster family mom who is watching Wellington for us during school which is a huge blessing for us. Meeting those with Extreme Nazarene are like instant family. Amanda has 2 children of her own and they invited Wellington in with open arms showing him all his toys.

God has once again paved the way for us here in Arequipa. He is so good taking care of all the details.


  1. Tanny Plemmons says:

    So happy to know you made it fine and are settling in! I missed my baby today (Thursday) – glad to know he is being so well cared for! Agape~

  2. Mom & Dad says:

    Hi Kids;

    Glad to read all is well and you are getting settled in.

    When you get a chance let us know when we can “Skype” you.

    Love you all

    P.S. ; Give Wellington a big hug and kiss from us.
    God blessing on you all we are praying for you.

  3. cracheld says:

    So fun to read about your first days there. What an incredible journey! Thanks for sharing through this blog 🙂

  4. Michal Holl says:

    Praying for you guys. So excited about the journey the Lord has you on. Wanted to know if you have a mailing address. I’m getting our Christmas letter ready to be sent off and wanted to send you one. Much love to you all.

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