A fire fighter’s calling (part 5 of 6)

Posted: October 26, 2010 in Testimonies

Fifth of Six questions answered…

Why so soon?

7/31/10 & 8/1/10 2 Chr 29:1-36, Oswald Chamber’s Aug. 1st Titled: ‘Don’t drag your feet:’ “…all the people rejoiced at what God had brought about for His people, because it was done so quickly.” v.36 If I hear my Father’s voice or know His will, I must act quickly not hesitate or drag my feet. God will not move quickly in my life without me. He will just continue with His business and everything around me. My hesitation will change the outcome of God in my life and how He works directly with me, but I will be missing out on so much of what He had for me. Not only that but I’ll rob those around me of Jesus Christ. If He asks me to go somewhere, He wants me to do so and show Him through my obedience and testimony. I must be faithful to what He asks so I am a witness to Him not being a miniature providence doing what I think is best. Father help me to be sensitive to your Spirit and obedient to Your calling and not being an obstacle.

Stay posted for 6 of 6… starting to dislike the time between answers?

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