A fire fighter’s education

Posted: September 21, 2010 in preparations

fighting fire with fire

God has given me a new perspective on fire fighting since our last blog… since living in Montana for the past eleven years, we have learned a little bit about forest fires. There’s a term called “back burning.” It refers to a fire set along the inside of the control line to consume the fuel in the path of the main fire, so that the main fire won’t have fuel to burn once it reaches the control line. Basically fighting fire with fire. I have come to the realization  there are good fires and bad fires. I need to identify the type of fire burning before us so we can proceed successfully in God’s direction and will. Our last blog said we had to put fires out, now I see that not all are meant to be put out; some are crucial to survival. 

An example I would love to share, granted I don’t remember the names or details but I believe the story is true. It has a huge spiritual parallels. There was a team of smoke jumpers that were placed in what was thought to be a safe zone to fight a forest fire. While on a hill, they noticed the wind changed and so did the direction of the fire. The fire was now coming quickly toward them. One of the smoke jumpers realized he would not be able to out run it, and then let his training take over. The others panicked and began to run. The experienced one beckoned for them assuring them their safety as he was lighting  a fire; stricken in fear they questioned his sanity in the moment and left him behind. Mean while his fire burned and moved along leaving no fuel in its wake. All the while the eminent danger of the head fire raced his way. The man went into the burned area laid down covered himself with a fire blanket and waited, surely it must have seemed an eternity to him. The insatiable fire swept over him and continued on its path to consume everything in its way. The man uncovered himself to stand in the middle of remains of what used to be a beautiful hillside with a scenic view to something that was now reduced smoldering ashes and smoke-filled air. He was alive and didn’t know about any of his friends. Later it was discovered, he was the only survivor of the incident.

 The only person who lived to fight another fire  was the one who knew: running wasn’t an option, that he could not defeat it by himself, had the answer of surviving but could only show the others and not force them, he had to rid his immediate area of everything the fire could use against him. Are you seeing any parallels?

The reason I’m writing all of this is to help you understand God is calling us into battle with an enemy larger than ourselves, but not into a war that we will loose. God is currently training us through our quiet times, prayer, service to Him, and current events. He is tremendously blessing our lives, but not as the average American has come to know what blessings are. God is or has blessed us by asking us to “back burn:” simplifying our lives, to get rid of the big house we built, half of our belongings, move out of the house He just gave us, quit our jobs, go learn a foreign language, and go to a country that is known for being dangerous. You see God is currently eliminating all attachment of ours to worldly things. Once we became detached to our possessions we began to see with Kingdom sight, we are seeing the real blessings. First, our possessions really aren’t our anyways. Second, we then saw them in a different light. Tools! Tools that God intended for us use to bless others in our community and across the world. Third, not just our things but our very lives are His to do with as He pleases. So by being obedient we are receiving the blessings of dependence on Him, freedom from earthly cares, and finding purpose by investing in Kingdom work, things that last for eternity. Please realize we still have a lot to figure out and it’s a journey, we are far from having it all right… but as we said earlier it is the walk God’s interested in not the goal.

Please continuing following us on our education…. stay tuned for some excerpts from my journaling during my quiet times with my Father.

  1. angie says:

    Vincent I could hear you saying these words, and know that they have touched this heart. I will continue to pray for you guys every day, miss you and love you tons:-)

    Angie B:-)

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