This blog is an addition to our newsletter. I can’t fit all the pictures in it to tell what has been going on in our lives since we left Cali, Colombia the end of April. You should know me well by now that I love to tell our story through pictures. These last three months have been really busy and intense. To be honest, I thought the transition would be faster/easier. It has been more challenging than I expected for many reasons. Some of the major ones are: Chilean Spanish really is a new language for us, living here is 3 to 4 times more expensive than Colombia, we are experiencing winter (cold temperatures) for the first time in over 5 years, and we moved from a tropical environment to a desert.

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Christmas vacation fun!

Posted: January 12, 2016 in Uncategorized

Here is a compilation of pictures over the three weeks of vacation this kids had from school.

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We received the Antofagasta Church Plant Team of 15 on Oct 7. For 27 days I had a group of 23 to feed (growing to 26 while we had other leaders here for a few days). I was thankful for the extra help of Chase Howard and Majalisa Nelson. The team departed on Nov 2, with two stragglers on the 3rd. Majalisa and I attended the Women’s Conference at the Cali church Nov 4 – 6.

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Ready or not, here they come.

Posted: November 16, 2015 in Life in Cali

This album includes pictures from the Ibarra, Ecuador group we hosted for the Master’s Plan Conference in Cali Sept 23 – 27. The group consisted of the pastors of the church, several 4040s working there and 9 national leaders from the church (fruit of the church plant). Also included is the arrival of my cousin Majalisa and how she hit the ground running with us helping where ever we needed it, Ferley’s return and birthday.

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Hitting the Ground Running

Posted: November 9, 2015 in Life in Cali

We arrived back to Cali on Aug 11… I know that seems so long ago, but we hit the ground running on our return to Cali and haven’t stopped. We immediately faced some big challenges. Less than a week after getting back, due to some unforeseen stress and circumstances, we had to have Ferley temporarily put into to a half-way house. We had to begin making adjustments on the house to hold the large groups we were about to receive. School started for the boys on Aug 18. We hosted a vision tour for 5 days for a new Extreme Team Member Aug 27 – Sept 1. Here is my photo gallery to show all that was going on.

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Gallery  —  Posted: August 18, 2015 in traveling

As I promised, here is a tour of the new ECC (Extreme Center Cali). I also included a few pictures of our middle of the night departure for our trip to the US. It had been 2 years since we have been home to visit family.

Please be in pray for the following requests:

  • Safe travels
  • Great connection with Ferley with his extended family and friends.
  • Ferley to be motivated to learn and speak more English.
  • Ferley’s citizenship process – it is not cut and dry due to us residing in Colombia. It was supposed to be automatic.
  • Quick and uneventful re-roofing project and other misc tasks on our Missoula, MT home.
  • Transition as we get back to Colombia (school starts a week after we return).
  • Preparations for our next team in Sept for the Master’s Plan Convention and the Antofagasta, Chile Church Plant training in Oct.

Next blog will be a grand photo gallery of our time in the US, our reunions and adventures.


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These are not in chronological order but it will have to do on my time crunch I am in right now. These pix are from April – June. Enjoy!

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We have a multi-colored calendar on our wall to keep track of the people that are coming and going and detailed list of arrival and departure information. From March 26 – today we have had a total of 45 people in and out of our house(s). Right after our March short-term team and a day before the arrival of the Cordoba, Argentina Church Plant team we moved into a new home (#6 in 4 years). The team stayed in the old house and our family, 2 short-termers, my mom and other long-term team members of Extreme stayed in the new house. While the team was in training the two short-termers we had worked on projects to prepare the new house for the Antofagasta, Chile Church Plant team we will be having in Oct. Our Training and Logistics Coordinator, Sandra Villa has also been staying with us with her mom. She fell a few days after the Cordoba team arrived and broke her hip. She is recovering in our home as Sandra works on her practicum for the university. After the Cordoba team left we had 2 weeks to recover before we hosted the Extreme Board. After they left, we had 6 days before we received a group for the 40 Days Experience; they will be here for two weeks. In less than a week, we head out for a working vacation to the States. It has been 2 years since we have been back. We were waiting on the adoption of our son during our typical travel time last year. Ferley and Wellington are so excited to go and are counting the days. We plan to take things a little slower and focus on time connecting with family. If you would like to see more photos you can see them here on our family blog We are in need of raising more funds while we are home, but our family time/connection is taking priority since Ferley still hasn’t met his whole family. If God is leading you to help, you can support us through this link

Thank you for all your support both prayerfully and financially. We have been truly humbled by your “being the body of Christ.”

Prayer requests:
God’s protection over us during our travels.
Ferley to bond with his new family, even if they don’t speak Spanish.
God to use us however He sees fits.
Enough time so we can finish the repairs and the new roof on our home in Missoula before the next renters come in.

Changes in the Cork Household

We added our new family member, Ferley James Cork, on Dec 22, 2014. Almost 2 months later, on Feb 23, I (Alyson) traveled to Bogota with Ferley to sign the papers at the court to make it official. They stayed several days more doing all the follow up with the name change and requirements to obtain his US Immigrant Visa. We have been learning how to live together with the addition of a 12 year old. It has been a blessing but it has also come with its challenges. We learn new things daily and glean knowledge, understanding and wisdom during this transition through our daily quiet times. God has been amazing (as always) in paving the way for the things we needed. We had intentions of home schooling but when that didn’t work out, we discovered God had moved us to the home we are currently in to discover the school perfect for Ferley in our new path taking Wellington to his school. It is a Christian school that offers personalized education. He is thriving there and we are so thankful for the new relationships we have built with the director. I have been donating a hour here and there helping to teach English classes. It has been nice to do something out of my typical work. Vincent has been occupied in negotiations for a new place (yes, another move) that would work well for the hosting and training we do. We have been busy preparing for 3 crazy months that are coming up that consist of:

  • Hosting a couple seeking a little rest and relaxation after finishing their church plant in Ambato, Ecuador.
  • Receiving a short term team to help us move and set up for Extreme Center Cali (ECC) for future trainings (includes Vincent’s dad)
  • Cordoba, Argentina Church Plant Team and others arriving the end of April for 1 month (my mom is coming to help) – we will have up to 28 people throughout this training living in the new ECC
  • Hosting a Vision Tour for the Extreme Board in June
  • Hosting the first week of the 40 Days Experience in June
  • Ahhh, then we will travel (vacation sort of) to the US to visit family, friends and start the process of Ferley’s US citizenship

Please pray for all of these items coming up on our calendars and for God to work through the negotiations on the house. For some reason we cannot move to a new house less than 5 days from receiving visitors. We are asking God if there is something more we have to learn in this process. This will be the 3rd time it has happened to us. We are celebrating 4 years in Cali on April 1.

Here is a slideshow of the last 3 1/2 months as it includes photos I was not able to share before Ferley was officially ours. Enjoy if you are a photo lover like me.

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Since our last blog we have gone through a lot of change and continue to do so. Our whole family traveled to Bogota, Colombia on Dec 22 to pick up our son, we stayed three days and flew back to Cali on Christmas Eve. We got to spend our first few days as a family taking care of paper work and doing some exploration of Bogota together. It was a blessing to receive our son during a time when we could shut down work responsibilities and just concentrate on our family although this was not reality of real life which we had to explain to our new son.

The adaptation and integration into the family has not been easy, but we are grateful to be on this journey. We have been dealing with some pretty severe behavioral issues which were non-existent while he was at the foundation. We had a visit from two psychologists from Bogota last week, they did a session with Ferley and a lot of work with us. We learned so much about some of his behaviors and what is really behind them (not what it looks like on the surface). We have made huge strides since their visit and are so thankful for the support we have received. The finalization of the adoption should be taking place within the next few weeks. I look forward to posting great pictures I have with Ferley’s smiling face after it is official. Vincent or I will travel to Bogota with Ferley to sign the final papers with the judge, change his name on his ID and birth certificate, apply for his Colombian passport, and take Ferley to see the US Embassy physician to prepare for his naturalization process that begins once he touches US soil. Speaking of US soil, below are the dates of our tentative trip to the US as well as a list of the events and hosting/training we will be doing over the next six months. We are so thankful that God has given us a few months as a family with a few overnight visitors here and there to bond as a family before the busy months come.


Feb ?? — Vincent or Alyson and Ferley traveling to Bogota to finalize adoption

March 18 – 20 — Vincent attending Men’s Conference in Cali

March 31 – April 13 — Hosting a short term project several from our home town of Missoula, MT

April 21 – May 21 — Training the Cordoba, Argentina Church Planting Team

June 6 – 9 — Hosting a portion of the Extreme Board’s Vision Tour

June 14 – 21 — Hosting the first week of 40 Days Experience

July — Travel to the US for 5-6 weeks


  • Pray that Ferley finds his place in our family where he feels safe, secure, loved and that this is permanent.
  • Pray for Wellington as he adjusts to this big change. He looks up to his big brother and wants to do what he does, but Ferley is not always making the best choices for lack of knowing better.


  • Through Extreme, we have a new way to receive support through partners through the donation of material items. You can find out more details at this link.
  • We are in need of an iPhone 5 if any of you upgraded over the holidays or were gifted a new phone you could donate your old one directly to us (not through the link above).